The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries

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The World’s Most Energy Efficient Countries

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With areas in North America like Silicon Valley, one might assume the United States of America is leading the way in energy alternative technology, but let’s pause for a moment and consider where North Americans rank in reference to the world’s most energy efficient countries. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy analyzed sixteen economies within sixteen categories related to both public policy and performance. Within the evaluation of public policy, fuel efficiency for vehicles and power efficiency standards for household efficiency were considered. Within performance categories, miles per gallon for vehicles were documented, along with the amount of energy required to heat per square foot of properties. The report placed emphasis on three categories affecting societies including properties, transport, and industry.

A possible one hundred points could be attributed to a country, with first place contender Germany earning sixty-five, followed by Italy’s sixty-four, and the European Union evaluated as a whole with sixty-three points. Wondering which countries took first place positions for each category? Germany for industry, Italy for transportation, and China for its unmatched efficiency in properties. Surprised to not see North America earning medals? Canada carved out ninth and the United States trailed behind at thirteenth. What conclusions can be drawn by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s findings? The inefficiency within North America equates to a tremendous waste of energy resources and money with undoubtedly affect the economic potential of Canada and the United States.

1) Germany: 65 points
2) Italy: 64 points
3) European Union: 63 points
4) China: 61 points
5) France: 61 points
6) Japan: 57 points
7) United Kingdom: 57 points
8) Spain: 54 points
9) Canada: 50 points
10) Australia: 49 points
11) India: 45 points
12) South Korea: 44 points
13) United States: 42 points
14) Russia: 35 points
15) Brazil: 30 points
16) Mexico: 29 points

Still feeling the economic effects of the oil bust, many Canadians are seeking research outside of Canadian boarders in the pursuit for alternative energy sources, A correlation that can be drawn is a countries energy efficiency is in essence a representation of the nations willingness to modernize. When speaking about the world’s most efficient country at this time; Germany, it is clear the nation has made energy a top priority. Germany’s comprehensive energy strategy includes restructuring of building codes, retrofit policies, along with economic influences through tax credits and loan programs. Germany’s state development bank building renovation loan program economically stimulated private investments of over 46 billion (USD). Ireland is also notable within energy consultants for drastically reducing its carbon emissions by fifteen present per year for the last several years. Denmark while having a considerably smaller population verses other countries evaluated revealed that each Dane only consumed half of the energy each American uses on a daily basis.

So this begs the question, what can individual Canadians do to limit their energy dependence? At Greenway Electrical we provide solar alternatives to reduce your impact on the environment. Within the study conducted by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, energy efficiency is defined as using less energy to provide the same service, so switching to solar seems the natural progression with diminishing fossil fuels and increases in population. Solar energy can be made on an individualized level and assist in promoting commercial adoption. Greenway Electrical is the only Okanagan electrician certified by the Canadian Solar Institute and the College of the Rockies. To make your individual effort represented on a national (and potentially international level), working with a trained professional aligned with the Canadian Solar Institute provides support to Canada’s leading solar certification program.

Think going Green won’t have an international impact? Think again and use that bright idea to call our Greenway Electricians in Kelowna, servicing the Okanagan Valley. (250) 448-7474.