Tips from Kelowna Electricians: LEDs, What’s the Bright Idea?


Tips from Kelowna Electricians: LEDs, What’s the Bright Idea?

Tips & Advice from your Kelowna Electricians at Greenway Electrical

LED bulbs have been dubbed the biggest innovation in lighting in the last decade. By being more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, and also a cost-saving alternative to the burnt out idea of conventional incandescent and CFL bulbs, LEDs are gaining momentum. These are also the main reasons for both private and public transformation and upgrading of residential, commercial, and industrial technology systems to LED illumination has been occurring at a rapid rate. But if being green has to be matched by saving green we have numbers to back these claims! Some key differences to note when comparing LEDs to alternative bulbs are that the light source of an LED is noticeably smaller (think the size of a fleck of pepper) and a mix of the colors red, green, and blue are tuned to create varying shades of white light. Directionally speaking, LEDs emit light in a specified direction which reduces the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light. This opportunity creates the potential for increased efficiency for recessed lighting and task lighting. Lastly, an important factor is the reduction in heat emission. LED bulbs emit minimal heat when compared to CFLs releasing 80% of their energy as heat and incandescent bulbs releasing 90% of their energy as wasted heat.

Energy Efficiency

The main argument for the adoption of LED lighting technologies references its opportunity to save on energy efficiency. With the increasing costs of electricity, the price factor of electrical utilities is becoming more relevant to all consumers. By applying efficient LED light bulbs, the reliance upon electricity is reduced by 70 to 90% which can generate a significant cost savings to consumers all the way to urban communities that have adopted LED for larger applications.

Longevity of Technology

When comparing the average life spans of an LED, conventional incandescent, and CFL light bulbs its no wonder this bright idea is catching on with so many consumers. On average a CFL’s lifespan is approximately 8,000 hours, with conventional incandescent lasting disappointingly lasting only 1,200 hours, the LED technology lasts an impressive 50,000 hours or about 20 years of usage. So while the initial cost may be marginally higher to purchase an LED bulb, the effects are 50 times greater than traditional incandescent and 6 times greater than CFL’s. For urban lighting its important to note the extension in technology longevity equates to a reduction in maintenance costs as well.

Saving Green by being Green

LEDs use less power (watts) per unit of light (lumen) generated. But what does this trades lesson mean to you? Not only are LEDs capable of lasting 50 times longer than alternative bulbs, but their consumption can provide 100-200 lumen per watt. Want to see the comparison? CFLs use twice the amount of watts to generate the same amount of lumen, and conventional incandescent require ten times the watts to only produce 18-20 lumen!

Keeping your Home Green

Lets put aside the impressive statistics for a moment and consider the environmental impact your consumer choices can have on the environment. LED lighting technology is the greenest solution available in todays market. LEDs in contrast to alternative options do not contain highly toxic elements like mercury. Mercury exposure not only produces harmful side effects for the environment, but it is also detrimental to you and your family’s personal health. Being 100% free of toxic materials, LEDs are recycling approved. This and the above statistics can help improve your carbon imprint by one third! In a globalized perspective, the adoption of LED light bulbs assists in releasing less CO2, Sulfur Oxide, and nuclear waste, where in contrast 30 incandescent bulbs are set to release 2500kgs of emissions in one single year (LED’s only produce 200kgs per year).

Function meets Design

Limited only by your design inspiration, LEDs are capable of being combined in various shapes and designs to produce highly efficient solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial requirements. Individual LEDs can be placed on dimmers, allow for color alteration, and the distribution can be dynamically controlled by timers, remotes, and even mobile apps! LED bulbs are also capable of displaying an impressive color range and spectrum of whites and yellows to accommodate the temperature of the light you are wishing to achieve. The most popular color selections for LEDs include warm white, soft white, and bright white depending on their intended purpose and room requirements.

At Greenway Electrical we are dedicated to providing our clients options that are economic and environmentally friendly.

If you haven’t made the change to LED light bulbs, call Greenway Electrical in Kelowna to provide an assessment of what changes can be made to help you go green to save some green! LEDs, they’re a bright idea! (250) 448-7474