Fed-up with Power-outs in West Kelowna? Power-up with a Solar Ready Storage System


Fed-up with Power-outs in West Kelowna? Power-up with a Solar Ready Storage System

Tips & Advice from your Kelowna Electricians at Greenway Electrical

If you live in West Kelowna, you know what we’re talking about! When the lights go out due to extreme weather, overloaded grids, or repairs, being solely dependent on an energy provider for your electricity can leave you feeling vulnerable.

Gusty winds, heavy snow and freezing arctic temperatures are the worst time to experience a power outage, but that’s usually when it happens, leaving you and your family hunting for flashlights and praying for the power to come back on.

Aging power grids, or even just routine maintenance cause blackouts at all times of the year, and usually just when you most need electrical power. When it’s 38 degrees in the shade, you want the juice to power your AC.

Wouldn’t you like an energy source you can depend on? Is it time to secure your home’s electricity usage with an energy storage system?

You don’t need to go off-grid to be independent from electricity providers; a licensed electrician can install a cost-effective, energy storage solution that will guarantee electricity when you need it, even if you are tied in to an existing power grid.

We’re talking about storing energy as a back-up system. Whether you live down town or up in the hills, we have a system to suit your power needs and your location. The Sentinel Vault is a modular, energy drop-in storage system that has been developed for off-grid and tie-in systems. Built with industry leading technology, this energy storage system is designed to maximize return on investment and longevity.

The Sentinel Vault was designed and developed by Sentinel Solar, a Canadian company that has become world-renowned as a leader of product manufacturing and project development in the solar industry. That’s good news for Canadian consumers who want reliable and economical energy solutions.

These solar ready storage systems can store up to 31.2 kWr, providing you with the energy you need on demand, even during power outs.

At Greenway Electrical, we know that as electricity costs continue to rise, more and more residents throughout the Okanagan valley are installing solar panels as a cost- effective energy source.

The Sentinel Vault can be attached to a solar panel array to store the electricity you don’t need for the times when you do need it. By adding a solar panel array to the Sentinel Vault, the money saved by going solar pays for the system.

Many people confuse going solar with going off-grid, but the technology available today is designed to meet the energy needs of residential homes and businesses in various locations and situations.

If installing solar panels to go off-grid is not the option for you, you can install the solar panel grid-tied system. The Sentinel Vault stores the energy you need and the excess electricity sourced from the solar panels will be sold back to your energy provider.

You don’t just save money with solar panels; you also gain the security of owning an energy system that provides you with the power you want when the lights go out all over town.

So how do you secure your power source? It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

  1. Contact a licensed electrical contractor and certified solar installer, like Greenway Electrical.
  1. Book a free consultation: we will send a technician to your home to assess the best way forward to meet your requirements.
  1. Become energy independent and start saving.

It’s a win-win situation for you, for your family, and for future generations.

At Greenway Electrical, our mission is to provide eco-friendly electricity solutions for homes and businesses throughout Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley.

So why not go start saving energy and money with the Sentinel Vault? If you have any questions contact a certified Kelowna electrician now, we will be happy to take your call and put you on the path to energy independence.